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Our Services

RB's Auto Detailing

Interior Wash 
$175     $185
  Small     Medium     Large

Full vacuum service on floor, seats, and trunk space as well as shampoo all removable carpets wipe down and wash all surfaces with great detail including cup holders windows and door jambs 

(3+ Hours)

(Pet hair is an additional charge of $35)

Exterior Wash 
 $155      $170      $185
 Small     Medium     Large


Foam bath pre wash followed by two bucket hand wash with full wheel and tire cleaning service followed by wax paint sealant coating/glosenhancement

(3+ Hours)

Exterior + Interior
 $280      $300      $325
 Small     Medium     Large


Both the Base Interior and Base exterior Package. This package is the ideal option for your typical dirty car with road grime and dusty interior/ dirty floors.   (Great Value)

(6+ Hours)

Add On Services

Full Carpet Shampoo
$125     $150
  Small     Medium     Large


All Seats and Interior carpets shampoo cleaned trunk included + Spot cleaning headliner

(All Bodily fluid cleanings starts at $250)

(4+ Hours)

Premium Service's

1 Step Polish
$500     $550      $600
Small     Medium     Large

Ultimate Polish
$675      $725       $785
Small      Medium     Large

Ceramic Coating 
 $900     $1000    $1100
Small     Medium     Large


1 Step machine polish removing light swirls in the paint 

followed by choice of wax or graphine paint sealant protections

(Includes Interior + Exterior Package)






(8+ Hours)


2 step machine polish removing swirls and light scratches from paint

followed by wax paint sealant coating/ goss enhanser

(Includes Interior + Exterior Package)



(10+ Hours)


2 Step Machine Polish on all painted surfaces

Headlight and taillight restoration

Clean and UV protect all plastic exterior trim and plastic

Ceramic coating with amazing paint protection, gloss enhancing, and hydrophobic properties!

full interior top of the line detail

(12+ Hours)

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap
$2250   $2500
  Small     Medium     Large


Full Vehicle Vinyl wraps

(5+ Business days for full vehicle wrap)

Service Coming Soon!!!

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